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Result of Season 1

What a ride it's been at Season 1 of the Melbourne Live Indie Festival! 🎉🎶 The stage was set on fire, and the vibes were as electric as a kangaroo on a pogo stick. 🦘💥

Drumroll, please... 🥁🥁 Let's give a big shoutout to the incredible peeps who rocked the house and clinched the top spots! 🏆🎸

For the Greater Good  - Michael Gavino - Best Short 

Agrinoui - Alexis Chaviaras, Christiana Vasiliou - Best Animation

Kairos - JOSE LIVINO PINHEIRO LOPES - Best Experimental Feature 

The Eve - Luca Machnich - Best Experimental Short, Best Horror Short, Best International Short, Best Plot, Best Concept, Best Actor, Best Costume, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Design, Best Makeup, Best Director of the Season, Best Directing Debut, Best Editing, Best Producer, Best Cinematographer & Best Editor

Vanished - Henry Suchman, Benjamin Suchman - Best Thriller Short 

Danger - Ned Stresen-Reuter, John Roberts - Best Music Video 

Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah - Nancee LaFayette - Best Short Screenplay

Hunger - Michael William Hogan - Best Feature Screenplay 

Possum Man - Eddie Yaroch - Best Horror Screenplay

Dancing with Spies @GODDESS - 2023 feature script - Francis Longworth Billingsley - Best Drama Screenplay

Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER - Pete Borreggine, Gary Hauger - Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Man in the Mountain - Dennis Trombly - Best Ensemble Cast, Best VFX and Best Sci-Fi Short

Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ - Eirini Alligiannis - Best Documentary Short 

The Darkside of SOCIETY - Larry Wade Carrell - Best Documentary Feature 

The Quantum Devil - Larry Wade Carrell, Zeph E Daniel - Best Feature Film

Enter the Room - Harry Waldman - Finalist 

Boom goes Julian - Stevie Big Gee - Finalist 

SACRED SUN - Michael Louis Gould - Finalist 

A Child's Voice - Karen Matthews - Finalist

Tom and Luce - Muxel Paule - Finalist 

Alien Traitor - Andrew Cahill-Lloyd - Finalist

Last Stop Tokyo - Nancee LaFayette - Finalist

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